What’s New?

Here’s an A Step Ahead blurb for What’s New on oa.org. Adam has already uploaded the files themselves.   The First Quarter 2018 issue of A Step Ahead is now ready for download. Get it now and read in-depth world service news including:
  • Our new e-book vendor
  • Messages from our chair and treasurer about OA’s 2018 budget and how you can give service and support
  • An important change for service body quarterly mailings
  • New literature resources from the World Service Office
  • News for virtual groups
  • and more!
Download and share it today in our interactive color edition or printer-friendly black and white.
Deadlines for monthly featured topics are three and a half months prior to the first day of the month of publication. Please indicate the topic and month for which you are submitting the article based on the deadlines in parentheses. Typed letters by email, mail, or fax are preferred. Letters must contain the author’s name and address, even if the author wishes to remain anonymous in print. Lifeline promotes “unity with diversity” regarding the race, nationality, gender, age, physical challenges, and sexuality of its writers. This issue write about:
  • Generally Speaking
  • Celebrating OA's Freedoms
You can also submit a Lifeline story directly through OAlifeline.org by clicking here.
Download and use these two revised guidelines to support strong meetings in your area. Guidelines for Addressing Disruptive Behavior Affecting Overeaters Anonymous Meetings describes issues members might experience and suggests actions face-to-face and virtual groups can take to address disorderly behavior and protect members and groups. Guidelines for Locally Produced Literature lists twelve procedures and tips for service bodies to use as they develop literature to meet specific needs in their area.

Check out the new, revised guidelines by clicking:
Guidelines for Addressing Disruptive Behavior Affecting Overeaters Anonymous Meetings
Guidelines for Locally Produced Literature

Use Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight for support in preserving your abstinence and “maintenance” weight. Revised with new stories from members experiencing different manifestations of our disease, the updated pamphlet also has more than a dozen suggestions from individual members for maintaining a healthy weight and now includes OA’s Statement on Abstinence and Recovery. Find the new Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight (#310) in the OA bookstore.

New for groups and service bodies, the OA Business Glossary lists and defines OA business, conference, and parliamentary procedure terms for effective and efficient communication across the Fellowship.

Laugh and learn how to carry the message to health care professionals with “The Wanda Know Show,” a new skit and workshop brought to you by the OA board. In forty-five minutes, participants and audience members alike will be entertained, educated, and better equipped to talk to their doctors, nurses, therapists, and any other referring professional about the hope of recovery from compulsive eating and compulsive food behaviors that OA can offer to the clients and patients in their care. Make “The Wanda Know Show” part of your next OA event. Download it today and share!

"Developed through long and sometimes painful experience, the Twelve Traditions embody spiritual Principles for living. Those who have studied them carefully have found that these Traditions can be applied effectively to all human relationships, both inside and outside OA. With this in mind, we turn our attention to the Traditions, trusting that, as we come to understand them better, we will be better able to keep OA strong and healthy and ourselves spiritually fit in the face of all challenges.” – The Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous 2017.

As part of our work on our Strategic Plan under the topic of Growing OA Unity Worldwide a committee has been working on a set of brief presentations that will introduce and then cover each of our twelve traditions.

Check out our Podcasts page for all of the videos.